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RJ came in with a blueprint of ideas like a seasoned architect. He had a website on his list of things to do for well over 2 years. But it wasn't until the start of this year that he spotted our studio and decided to brave it and step in. He showed us some sketches he'd worked on that defined his vision and goals and left most design aspects in our hands to decode.


After this initial consultation, we did our due diligence and researched his field and put ourselves into the shoes of a homeowner looking for an architect. First we sought to answer, how to find the right architect. And second, we thought about what would set RJ apart.

To build a stunning website that would standout from among the rest, we needed to convey something striking about the architect himself. RJ was always approachable and courteous.From our first impression; professionalism. And, he had excellent photos of his work to bespeak his skill and experience.

From the captain

"Hi Aaron & Cessiah,

I will be in tomorrow...looking forward to working with you!



All hands on deck

That was a great meeting yesterday; very productive. Here are some more pictures...



Ahoy Webdocks,

I wanted to let you know that in the last two weeks I've had a couple of prospective clients mention they'd seen my website and liked my work! In one case I got the job and we'll see about the other. Sure felt good and I wanted to pass it on. Thanks again for all your hard work!



An architected interface to exhibit every masterpiece, was key in the build of this vessel.

As the wireframe begins to materialize, we soon reach the first "peak", the first client preview. This milestone is always a bit nerve-racking, yet a very exciting part for both captain and crew. With all the possibilities visually before him, at this point, RJ was able to take the helm and steer the project in the right direction.

Finally, with the pertinent set of coordinates in place for his guest to see and get what they need on site; wth ease, expectation & eagerness of his offerings, we successfully exhibited his architectural expertise and personality. His site ready to captivate all potential clients.

When RJ first came to us, he already had a logo. With considerable focus on heritage homes, his logo clearly embodied this. We fused his website with a touch of modernness to define his breadth of experience in both traditional and modern.  

Read on. This is what RJ had to say about us.


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